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why do we taxidermy animals?

If I’ve been asked once, I’ve been asked 1000 times by anti-hunters, why do you taxidermy the animals you kill? The first reason is Art. Believe it or not, taxidermy is art. How many places do you go and see wildlife decor on the walls and floors? Rugs, furniture, wall decor...horns, antlers, and hides. They are everywhere. They add so much to a room. The next time your out, look around.

Taxidermy is one of a kind. Priceless. Take my giraffe for example. No one in the world will have one like it. He is unique, breathtaking and there is no way to get another one just like him. That is special, you know? Think about the artist, the taxidermist. Having the skill to take a hide some horns and hair and make it look alive is a skill that should be displayed for all to see.

Why Not? Why not have a piece of art from your harvest. I get it, antis. I understand that you only see a small part of the story. The general public and anti-hunters only see the one bloody photo or the mount on the wall. But its more than that.

You see, I’ve worked really hard all year, working our land for the animals to have a well-managed habitat, feeding them to keep them in excellent health and fight'n to keep other species away. You would be surprised what other animals and predators can do to another animal's home. It's hard work, all year or even many years to make sure the success of a hunt. If a hunter gets a chance to take a once in a lifetime harvest or that particular hunt has a personal story, you better believe that we (hunters) will take the extra time and income to honor that animal and the memory with a priceless piece of art. Even though that animal's purpose has been fulfilled, his legacy will live on in the many stories told about the mount on the wall. It's the same for me, the mounts of my hunts allow me to honor the animal and share his life with others.

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