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time to hit the deer lease...

Time to hit the deer lease! Besides Christmas, it’s my favorite time of year. Time to hit up the deer lease and get things working and back in order!

Feeders New batteries, fix solar panels thanks to those pesky coons and fill em up and turn em on. Not too long after that, the deer come to feed. It makes it all worth it.

Cameras Probably my favorite part! Waiting to see what’s on the cameras after several weeks adds hours to the trip there. I get so excited, my husband says I don’t get that excited when he comes home from work. But I do, again he’s wrong lol!

From the beginning of feeding when deer start coming in, I always pick a few deer out and watch them all year. Does get fat, ‘yup she’s carrying a fawn,’ time passes, and she shows up on camera with her baby. Bucks stroll in with little velvet nubs, I watch them grow throughout the year. Guess ages, how many tines they’ll get. When a big boy comes in, he gets a name. He’s the one I’ll pay more attention too!

Around the fire In my opinion, No matter what, everything is better cooked outside and being around a fire. I’m sure you agree. After a long day working on the deer lease Back straps on the grill or steaks makes for a perfect ending.

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