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pinchin' pennies

Hey, hunting isn’t always cheap. We all know that. Sometimes things need to be replaced, they quit working or when you slacked on hog hunting the year before they knock your feeders over. It happens, and in our neck of the woods, it happens a lot.

What Do I Do..

I go to my local store after hunting season (timing is key) and look for the CLEARANCE aisle! You can always find me there! I’m a woman, I have a special love for a clearance aisle lol.

I’m frugal...I need the manager, please

One thing that has worked for me when seeing several feeders marked down... now that store doesn’t wanna sit on those forever, they need room for new merchandise! I ask to speak to the manager and make him an offer. “If I buy every feeder on clearance (in this case it was 6) what is the lowest you can mark them down to?” I made the offer (knowing what I didn’t want to go over, but yet giving him an option, clever huh?! Lol..$15-$20 and I’ll take them all.

BOOM I just scored 6 new feeders, did I need them all? NOPE! But I was able to replace some, put out a new one and save a couple for the next year!

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