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my first,but not my last turkey hunt

Who likes getting up early, especially when you don’t have to? Hearing the dreaded alarm go off because you must go to work isn’t ideal. However, when you hear the alarm go off because it’s time to get up to go hunting, now that’s exciting!

My first turkey hunt started with a somewhat cool morning, with tons of moisture in the air, that later turned into rain. Getting to go sit in the blind and call in turkeys with my friend Lindsey was the best way to spend that dreary early morning! We headed to one blind, and our husbands to another. The goal quickly became to see who can call in turkeys faster and make one flop!

Turkey decoys were set, we were settled in the blind, shot guns propped up, and we were ready to go! The wind picked up, and a light rain had set in. It was probably not the best weather conditions, but we weren’t giving up. Lindsey was using her turkey call and from time to time we heard a Tom a ways behind us gobbling. A couple of hours went by, and the weather hadn’t improved; and the only animals we had seen was a herd of about 100 goats parade through. Finally, the goat parade was over – and thank goodness, ‘cause that was definitely not going to help us get any turkeys to come into our shooting range at all.

Time keeps passing, and still no sign of turkeys. But we finally hear a hen off in the distance. Perfect! They’ve heard her turkey call and once they get close enough to see our decoys we got ‘em! She calls again, we get a reply! This happened several times, and we begin thinking turkeys are coming in, they are actually talking back and forth! We should see them strutting in anytime now!

Again, we hear the hen! Lindsey calls back! You can tell that the hen is pretty close by this point. Excitement is high, until we actually see exactly what ‘she’s called in’ and the specific hen we’ve been hearing. There they are, off in a distance, strutting their way in our direction are 2 ‘Toms’ that already belong to us. Our husbands! Haha boy were we right! The “turkeys” were coming our way for sure. Lol!

What ended up being an early hunting morning and an unsuccessful turkey hunt turned into a big laugh! Joke was on us! That’s just more stories to tell others and more for us to laugh about. That’s what makes every hunt worth it. Successful or a bust, it’s always an adventure when you’re outdoors doing what you have such a great passion for!

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