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lucky charm

Have you ever heard of someone taking a ‘good luck charm’ hunting with them? It may seem old fashioned, but I have. Maybe it’s a sentimental possession, maybe something you’ve made, your child has given you, or something handed down from a family member? Of course, I have also heard it’s silly to do so as well. More times than not, I’ve been told how silly I am to think that good luck charms might actually work.

Just like an athlete with his lucky socks, or goofy end zone dance - some hunters have that one certain item they take hunting with them every time they go. I’m not talking about hunting equipment, or your snacks, either. But that is very important, the snacks I mean! Lol! I’ve heard of hunters taking a bullet casing from their first harvest, a tiny toy their child has given them (just to be a part of the hunt or credited as to why mom or dad had a successful hunt that day). Sometimes, an old pocket knife handed down from papaw just before he passed. All of those things mean just as much as the hunt itself, and can be just as emotional.

Do I have a lucky charm, you ask? Yup, sure do! Several years ago, my husband made me shot gun shell earrings. They aren’t flashy, they weren’t expensive, but they were from his heart and given to me with love, because of my love for guns and hunting. Headed out the door one day for a hunt, I happened to be wearing them, and he asked if I was sure I wanted to wear earrings hunting. “Yup, sure do! They may bring me good luck!” And so it began. …After a long sit in the bushes, I had already said to myself ten times that we weren’t going to see anything this trip. Moments later a pack of javelinas were passing through in the distance. Assuming these were more than likely the same pack that runs our hogs and deer off, a successful shot was fired. Considering the hours that had passed, my stomach growling, and patience was wearing thin, I’d say having a couple javelinas on the ground was just by luck. Good luck.

Whatever the reason may be that the evening was successful, I give all the credit to my personal good luck charm. Now, 9 times out of 10 when I’m hunting, I make sure I have those earrings in. They’ve traveled from our hunting leases in Texas, to all the way South Africa with me. It may be a fluke, or it could be the confidence they in still in me, but either way, it works for me.

Whatever you take hunting on every trip that you consider a good luck charm, don’t leave it at the house because someone says, ‘that’s silly.’ What do they know? Maybe they need one themselves from time to time! 0 LIKES

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