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"wide boy" is coming to the freezer

The coffee pot is ready. The camo and gear is laid out. Snacks are packed in Ziplock bags, I might add because it’s a little quieter and I’d rather stub my baby toe than to be loud in a blind. This is the only time of the year. I'm excited to wake up early! I get so excited and can’t even sleep. Honestly, I dream about bucks. What took that alarm clock so long?

Finally, dark 30 and heading to the blind. I have one deer in mind. I call him "Wide Boy." This morning I do not know if ‘Wide Boy’ will make his rounds today. I’ve watched him all year, from nubs to is wide rack, he's an older buck, and a fat boy too! Just what a hunter wants to see. He's perfect!

First light comes and goes, nothin! Well, not him anyway. Some deer showed up, but I wasn’t pulling the trigger unless it was on "Wide Boy." I'm willing to wait. My freezer was cleaned out for HIM! I waited it out to the afternoon. Finally, looking through my binoculars at 178 yards away, there he was. Y’all remember being young and seeing your crush? Ya start shaking, sweating, butterflies? Yeah, that’s what happened, I had to pull it together! Lol! You see. I’ve fed this deer, watched him on cameras and waited all year for this day.

Shots Fired!

The safety pushed forward on my 270 Browning A-Bolt. I was ready! Wait Nope! No, I wasn’t, I was wrong.

My nerves took over, and I nicked him under his belly. He was in shock, and so was I. Thank God he didn’t run. I racked another round, I got my crosshairs on him again. I nailed him!

I was so ready to show off my buck at camp, but when I got there, the guys had other things in mind. You see my 2 shots echoed through the deer lease. Everyone could tell that I messed up my first shot. Hey, it happens, but why today? I was kickin’ my own butt, and it earned me the new name of “2 Shot Tess.” Whatever, I’ll take it! ‘Wide Boy’ is going home with me! I let many deer walk and waited for this opportunity. This was not only the deer I wanted, but it was also my first mule deer. Fighting back the tears of all the emotions and excitement I proudly to pics and blasted everyone to tell them about my "Wide Boy."

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