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new hunters in the making...

Spending another blessed weekend in South Texas, and you guessed it, to hunt! However, this time I’m not the one hunting … It gets a little better, a group of young ladies are hunting, and I’m assisting with guiding. Kids need to start off somewhere in our hunting world, and what a great way for me to be a part of it?! To get to share that hunt, the shot, the emotions and excitement afterwards is a blessing and an honor. Spending the weekend at the Trinity Oaks benefit was just as much fun for myself as it was for the six little girls that attended. This Non-Profit Organization is wonderful to be a part of, and delivers blessings to so many. Throughout the weekend, we shared great food by a wonderful chef, and learned the different breeds of turkeys and how to call them with different devices thanks to Kendall Jones. We also freshened up on gun safety and the importance of shot placement, thanks to the leader of this wonderful expedition, Lindsey! Our first morning out, it’s the break of daylight, and it sounds like we are surrounded by gobblers! It’s a perfect situation so far. After some time passes of calling back and forth awhile, we have a ‘strutter’ come into range! After spotting our decoys, the turkey is ready to fight, and he’s running closer into our shooting range! Everything played out well, and our first lil’ hunter harvested a turkey. The best way to start off the hunting weekend, and pass on motivation to the others hunters. One of the best parts of hunting is getting others in the field with you! Passing on timeless traditions and smiles! To learn more or give a much needed donation visit

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