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jeep life

Okay, y’all - some of us are Ford people, Dodge fans or Chevy crazy.

But, then there’s me, a Jeep Freak! Buy it stock and add a lift kit, big tires, maybe a lightbar? There is nothing like cruisin’ around on a summer day, with the sun out and the top and doors off. The wind feels great; every Jeeper I pass on the road gives me the ”Jeep Wave.”

Not a worry in the world! I know, those days are hard to come by, but my Jeep is a guarantee it will happen.

My Jeep may be my everyday driver, but I have fun in it, too. Tossing it in 4-wheel drive and hitting the trails is a favorite passion of mine! You get to see so many breathtaking views and run through obstacles that you need a ‘spotter’ to get through.

Don’t think I won’t sleep in my Jeep. Who needs the tent? Find a good spot, turn the music up. The campfire is smoking and throw some burgers on the fire. There is nothing like putting the seats down and getting some shut eye for the night under the stars. By first morning light, pick up where ya left off and get back on the trails.

After market upgrades, tons of Jeep drivin’ friends, 4 wheel drive, camping, getting back to the middle of nowhere. That’s what Jeep life is about! They’ll get you just about anywhere … You know, places a Prius won’t!

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