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honey hole, morels & more

Just a couple months away is turkey season. But with it comes morel mushrooms! Hours of walking the hills.. no complaining there! That’s my happy place! Morrell Season just don’t last long enough, those few weeks are gone before you know it.

Where to look

You can ask serval people, and they aren’t gonna tell you the same thing as to ‘where to look.’ Around what tree? Moist or dry Areas? Sunny or shady? Top of the hill or bottom? They all give you different answers, they aren’t gonna give up their secret ‘Honey Hole’ or any inside information. It’s like asking a hunter where his deer blind is, your probably gonna miss it if you don’t ‘turn left at the one tree.’

Iron Skillet After washing your ‘dry land fish’ as some people call them it’s time to Get out the iron skillet! Add a little oil! A little cornmeal and flour mix and fry those babies up. After you devoured them don’t stress, cause tomorrow you’ll find yourself back on the Beatin path in the hills looking for more! You just can’t help it!

Where to find them? I don’t give out my Honey Holes either! Happy Morel hunting!

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