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Blake's Story...

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Blake is currently receiving chemo treatments due to a cancerous tumor that ruptured causing him to lose a kidney, known as Whelms Tumor.

It’s the little things we do in life.

It’s the memories we make.

The people we meet along the way.

The passions we share.

The laughter and tears we share together.

Lifting each other up in a time of need.

Making dreams come true.

I thank God for giving us the outdoors and all he has provided for us to survive this world.

Blake has always talked about hunting, but had never had the chance. His favorite food.. deer meat! So when life hands us unexplainable, heart flipping news and unexpected situations, we must do what we can to take a break from the stress and worry, turn it into something positive, even if it’s only for a weekend.

Arriving at the TMB Ranch in Roosevelt, TX, Blake was so excited. Walking on air! “Ready to finally become a hunter” as he would put it! Spending the first evening scouting out deer, getting to see other species for his first time had him ready to hunt even more. He was asking questions wanting to learn more and taking pics with his cell phone.

Saturday morning..5am Blake is dressed out in his new camo eager to hunt.

The sun rises, axis are roaring across the ranch, birds are waking up, he is all smiles! Waiting it out like a pro in pretty cold weather for Blake, it’s shooting light and finally the right whitetail came in, it’s go time. Remembering what he was taught the day before, he’s very cautious, being very quiet, he lines his buck up in the scope, and once his crosshairs were on his target in the right spot he was directed to take the shot when he felt ready.

After time had passed, Blake finally got to his very FIRST deer. Even as a seven year old, all the emotions were felt! Blake got to his deer with his daddy, got their hands on him and cried. A moment that only happens for the first time ONE TIME. A memory that will be talked about and carried on through life with Blake. Trinity Oaks is more than honored to get to be a part of that and witness the bond of a Father and son on a first hunt.

Later on, back at camp, Blake was presented with a certificate for his first hunt, first harvest. Reaching the frame to him, watching his reaction while looking at his certificate, petting it being proud of himself as we all were of him, Blake cried again over his accomplishment that he never knew when or if he’d do. Hearing a 7 year old say how proud he was of himself, to hear parents say they never knew how much this opportunity would change their life and how thankful Blake was for everyone with Trinity Oaks is why making a difference in the lives of others is what we will always strive to do.

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