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bait corn

Do you tend to be a skeptic? Well, I’m surrounded by them. And I tend to be to when it comes to “hot new trendy” products on the market. Seriously, it’s hard to make me a believer. But one weekend walking around Texas Trophy Hunter’s Association Extravaganza, I did come up to a vendor, visited with him about his product a while, started questioning others that stopped by as returning customers, and BOOM I was HOOKED. Hours later, I find myself walking away with an armful of different flavored attractant powder called BAIT CORN for my corn feeders. I was soon to be setting up at a newly acquired deer lease -- one that hadn’t been hunted in a few years, and one that we had only ‘heard’ there was deer around. Again, I found myself skeptical about the wildlife even being there. So far, I hadn’t seen movement or any sign while driving the property. Let’s see if this product really works in the field. I put up feeders, filling them with corn ONLY. Next, game cameras went up and were ready to catch some action. Time to see what actually happens. A whole week and a half goes by, and I’m back - anxious about checking cameras and there was NOTHING! I might as well have stubbed my toe, because it hurt just as bad to check a deer camera with a few pictures of weeds blowing in the wind and nothing with a heartbeat. Now it was time to put Bait Corn to the test … I’m told this attractant pulls deer in. Other customers even guaranteed it and swore by it. So here it goes! I added a few scoops of Peanut Butter Powder attractant into my feeder, so when the feeder goes off the powder and scent will disperse. The other feeder on the opposite end of the property got Vanilla Bean, and both feeders were topped off with corn. A week later, I headed back out to the lease, and my hopes weren’t high. I had already been let down once - I ain’t lettin’ it happen again. I had already decided this lease would just be good for dove season. Lol! I pulled the SD cards, waiting for something to come up on my camera, and there were VELVET ANTLERS EVERYWHERE!! What a change. Thanks to BAIT CORN Peanut Butter and Vanilla Bean Attractant Powder, I now have some incredible whitetail deer on my cameras! And because of the Wild Berry Attractant, I’m seeing different mule deer on another lease, that I had not ever seen in the three previous years of being on that particular hunting lease. You’re turn – want to try something new, a new hunting tactic, a new product that actually works?! It even works great with feral hogs as well. Maybe you can find it in stores close to you. If not, get it online ONLY at and purchase your bag! Different scents to choose from, at an extremely affordable price!! I’m tellin’ ya... proof is in the powder! It works y’all!

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